Building A Business Around Chatbots

Building A Business Around Chatbots

Music Music Meet Emma, she is a marketing manager, who works with ACME manufacturing company. Emma is one of the top performers of the company and was awarded with Employee of the Year Award. Everyone in her company wonders how Emma can handle so many things at once and still perform exceptionally. Heres the secret: Emma has implemented Soft webs AI-powered customer care chatbot to address customer complaints and requests. Soft webs customer care chatbot has helped Emma in increasing customer satisfaction by addressing their queries 24*7. Chatbots have also helped ACME manufacturing company save thousands of dollars in salaries. Emma also harnesses the power of AI-powered chatbots to keep track of everything thats happening around her and to get things done with ease.

These chatbots use machine learning and natural language processing, which enables them to understand a humans language and its context. She doesn’t have to bother with menial tasks since she has got chatbots to do that in no time. Whether she needs a sales report or manage inventory, she can do all of it using bots. If Emma wants to get a list of plastic suppliers in Austin, she simply asks the Supply Chain Bot to send her a list, which she can then analyse to get quality materials at reasonable rates. Easy, right? After handling all the projects so well, Emma deserves a break, doesn’t she? She plans to go on a holiday and enjoy some family time. To apply for leaves, Emma makes use of the HR Bot, which can answer a majority of HR-related queries through a conversational medium. Once her leaves are approved, Emma relies on Soft webs Hospitality Bot to plan her holiday.

The bot can suggest her some holiday destinations that suits her budget and helps her get done with the hotel and flight booking. Finally Emma is away from work, having a great time. But she doesn’t want to miss out on important things that are happening at work. Office productivity chatbot keep her well-informed and help her cope with work even when she is away. While returning from her trip, Emma lost her luggage at the airport. To get compensated for her loss, she gets in touch with the Insurance Bot to confirm details of her international travel insurance. Just like Emma, you too can opt for higher convenience for you and your customers by making use of chatbots.


Talking you got chatbots how did they how are they let’s say a year or two ago when they came on the scene compared to now what should people know if they’re completely new to chatbots and how it can impact their business so here’s here’s what happened with me I built its email business got to over 30 million dollars in sales really profitable I remember saying to myself one day I’d like to have a million dollars and then I ended up because we got at email marketing doing a million dollars every few days it was just incredible and then I got burned out because I work too much and I just went and traveled the world for a bit and I said I want to leave a legacy and the legacy that I decided to leave was to create a place where entrepreneurs can teach other entrepreneurs and so that became mix energy and the problem I had with mix energy was I was relying on email but people weren’t opening up my emails that much and they weren’t clicking on it and anyone out there who’s listening to me K, Joe, James I don’t know if you guys are in email at all but if you are you got to understand that email is just not that powerful anymore and to see a 20% open rate that’s that’s hard and unusual today people aren’t opening it up to see a 3% click rate that’s that’s actually a really tough thing to achieve according to MailChimp that means that if James smith who was listening to us wow and James thanks for listening to mix energy for six years if James has a hundred people on his email list ninety seven are going to ignore it.

Only three people three out of 100 will click that’s painful and so I said I’ve got to find a solution and I happened to invest in one of my listeners companies a company called assist they went on to build the first chatbot based business that got major VC funding and I was an investor so I got to understand how it worked and I said this could work for me if I could send out messages via chat I can get people to open them because I know myself I’m not opening up email but I open up chat a lot every single time I mean I I have to clear my chat inbox yeah I don’t know what it is it’s you see it frankly you know what else it is if I don’t see a message from you it shows up as an alert at the top of my screen so I even if I don’t click to open it it’s still uncrowded it’s still the way that I communicate with with my wife when I say her and I say I love you Olivia it’s not via email when I say Olivia I’m coming back from Tiago can I help out with the kids later today it’s not via email it’s be a chat iMessage facebook Messenger slack that’s what’s taking over and so I said there’s got to be a solution so I went to Shane and I said I invested in your company I have this problem will your software work for that he said yes I said can I use it he goes no I said why not he says if the understand we worked with big companies like Hyatt and 1-800 flowers we charge a hundred thousand dollars a month plus I said there’s got to be a better solution!

I reached out to one of my listeners someone who helped me out in the past and I said are you investing in a company that could do this he said yes and that ended up being many cat so for anyone who’s listening to us I invested in many chat I’ll be open with you but anything I tell you work on any other chat based platform here’s the way it works just like you get someone to subscribe to your email list give him a button so they could subscribe to your chat list it’s that easy so imagine if instead of going to your website and being offered a box that says sign up to my email list and being asked to type in their name with no typos people could just press a button and so this would work for you James Smith this would work for you kai hope I’m pronouncing your name right and Joe and anyone else someone could come to your website see that they want to get more from you and instead of typing in their email address they just press a button and then they immediately get a message on their phone I won’t turn my phone around cuz I just gotten a message to for my team you can kind of kind of see that a little bit but you can you can see that these messages show up on our phones and how they not gonna tap it instantly they tap it they open it up they get your message and here’s the best part and then I’ll shut up and let you ask another question that’s purity is every time I send a new message after that they get an alert.


It leads to 80 plus percent open rates fifty plus percent click rates and a delight that people will ask you how did you do it I want to do it too that’s what it’s about and where have you seen the most success with you’ve got e-commerce business you’ve got influencers you got marketing agencies digital products are you seeing the same success across the board is there something that people should absolutely be using chat BOTS or hey maybe this shouldn’t be that your your the main thing you’re doing here’s what we’re seeing really good results anyone who’s done well with email but not doing that well anymore is going to do better if they shift some of the tension to chat or just add chat to what’s working for them already so you think about people who have information products that’s a no-brainer you think about someone who maybe has a sass product that’s geared towards people who are who are cutting edge and then what do they do they ask for an email address it feels a little out of step for them it’s a killer solution I haven’t even seen people who are in some of our students at bot Academy and I created this site bot Academy to just spread the word about it I’ve had some people who gone through that program that I teach about how to create a chat bot go after chiropractors they said look these chiropractors have a problem when somebody signs up and they get their back worked on if they get the back – if their back feels great after a first session they never show up to the chiropractor again!

If their back doesn’t feel great they think AHA this doesn’t work out and they never show up again and so what chiropractors now are using chatbots for is to educate people and say look here’s how you should feel after the first one but understand that it sometimes takes a little bit of time and sometimes takes a few sessions so chiropractors are using it real estate brokers are using it so many people and I think back when I was on make surgery we were free up with mostly e-commerce now a lot of our audience they’re running marketing agencies – and it’s another up sell that they can make for their client base and it works for a variety of industries so what makes a good chat bot as opposed to a a so-so or mediocrity because anyone can go in they can take watch something on YouTube go in and create one and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be successful what separates the good from the not-so-good the best ones are the ones that sound a lot like like a friend like a co-worker messaging you it’s so weird that I say that all the time and still people will send out as soon as they create their chat BOTS they’ll send out these blocks of text and I remember one time being challenged at a conference right here in San Francisco I was invited to speak about chat pods people were all teed-up about them and the question that kept coming up was what if I have to send a few to a few paragraphs of text but people don’t really

a chat box is a computer programs that communicates through text messages in business it has always been the rule to be where your customers are it makes sense for a business to utilise chat BOTS that actually offers their users value one of those best press chat BOTS that does is really well is the Burberry holiday chat bot it’s good at handling one specific use case and its users are aware of the scope of the chat bot buying gift for the holidays in case the user has a question that cannot be handled by the chat box it will be handed over to a customer support agent reducing time spent answering repetitive questions is a great benefit for customer support also for the marketing department chat box can have great benefit to gather a lot of data and you can use that data to make highly targeted personalised campaign even human resources can use chat box because they reduce the effort of answering frequently asked questions and they allow the department to focus on employee satisfaction and engagement chat box has great potential for certain use cases and if that is true for your business well then why not capitalise on that [Music]

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