Building A Business In Bitcoin With Icon Pro

Building A Business In Bitcoin With Icon Pro

Welcome to this very unusual blog post. My name is Wayne Crowe. Normally everything we do is about traffic conversion, creating shortcuts and everything else this is really different okay this is really different to what I normally do now I’ve been involved in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a long while, okay I’ve been doing it myself probably, in fact, I looked yesterday when I first bought my first bitcoin and it was 2017.

So that’s what four years ago and I bought that when it was 3700. bought some just before that when it was 1800 pounds I think that was rather than dollars and obviously it’s shot up a lot since it’s gone down a lot.

If you don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies or bitcoin or what they are don’t worry I have got someone I class as an expert on this okay there’s a lot of people out there that kind of they post about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies when they become the fashion then that goes away and then they’re posting about something else again just to try and get some people into their new scheme.

This guy, he’s been doing cryptocurrencies for about four years solid and he’s been in cryptocurrencies for a number of years I’ve let him turn I think it’s about eight years now. Pretty much just after it started but let this guy tell you about it I actually have known this guy for years myself. Okay, he was a solo ad guy then he moved over to crypto and bitcoin.

He is someone I trust, is someone I like a lot, and you guys will like him too. He will show what he knows about cryptocurrencies.

When you are new you think what’s this? What’s that? What the hell’s a bitcoin? What are all these different cryptocurrencies? Well, he’s been doing it for a while.

Paul tell us a bit about yourself and how you discovered cryptocurrencies…

Paul: All right cheers mate so yeah my name’s Paul I currently live in Johannesburg in South Africa although I’ve lived in a couple of places around the world and one of those places was the Philippines and while I was living there it’s when I came across crypto and started taking it quite seriously out of necessity PayPal closed my account with a lot of money in it and I was kind of stuck.

At that time a friend of mine gave me a crash course on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and when he was done I what I saw was it wasn’t just a means to make money. I saw something that was going to completely and utterly change the world and it was at that point that I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life

I went online trying to find more information and there wasn’t any type of place that could teach a person from a to z about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

At that point, I decided I was going to do something about that because the one thing that he’s missing from the space is education and then my partner and I started talking about putting something together and that’s how we got started in our company Icoin Pro and that’s what we focus on. the two different facets of education in cryptocurrencies on the one side we teach people about the basics like what bitcoin is how it came to be why it came to be and on the flip side we teach people various ways to make money from cryptocurrencies.

One of the big ways to make money with crypto is through trading. we teach people a method of trading that if followed to the t works it just works and we fine-tuned that over the last four years we’ve been around for nearly four years now and we fine-tune that to the point where anyone who follows the system to the t they there’s no reason why they cannot become a successful day trader.

Wayne: But how do you get on the crypto knowledge train? We will show you here in a bit. Now, Paul, I think most people want to hear which is the different ways to make money from bitcoin the proper ways to make money from bitcoin not there give me one bitcoin I’ll turn it into three for you…

Paul: all right so this is going to be a little bit of an educational session. I don’t mind I love talking about crypto I love teaching these guys are they the four ways there are other little ways as well like ICO’s and things like that.

An ICO is an initial coin offering it’s very similar to an IPO that’s when a company would list stock on the stock exchange and they have a pre-sale so that people can buy before it actually gets listed and then often the day that it gets listed it shoots through the roof they sell they make a fortune. But there are a lot of instances where the exact opposite has happened.

The ones that I know most notably is Snapchat and Facebook a lot of people thought that Facebook stock was going to fly through the roof the day that it was listed and guess what it went down, went the opposite way that people were thinking.

I would advise people that if you’re going to start dabbling in ICOs it’s a gamble unless of course, you take the time to read the white paper and get to research every single person involved in the project.

Look at who’s running it look at those people individually because a lot of their websites, go and google those people go and look for the LinkedIn profiles go and and and and do your research.

Keep putting their name + scam into Google. Doing that in google if a person has been involved in some type of a scam or whatever the case is you do not want to get involved with that that ICOs whatsoever.

ICOs can pay off if you do your homework if you choose them really really carefully and for good reason. Whatever you do not get emotionally involved do not let emotions make any decisions for you you need to allow logic to dictate when you are participating in things like ICOs.

A very good example of the path I took when investing in an ICOs one of those ICOs that I made a lot of money from was Tezos. There was a reason okay Ethereum a lot of people fell in love with the Ethereum was it was a game-changer in terms of what they could do allowing people to write applications on the on top of their network layer. That and also the smart contracts.

The one thing however is that it was badly built okay and now ethereum kind of has to undo what they started in order to move forward with ethereum 2.0. I don’t know if a lot of people know that but there are two different versions of ethereum… ethereum two will eventually take over from where ethereum is now.

Ethereum 2 will be proof of stake currently Ethereum is proof of work which is mining so you can currently only mine Ethereum but moving forward into the future not just yet when you hear that Ethereum two launches then you’ll be able to stake it.

Tezos was a company that went okay we’re gonna build a platform very similar to Ethereum except we’re not gonna build it badly we’re going to do things from the ground up and build it with all the features and its own programming language and its platform and everything and its ecosystem without the mistakes that Ethereum made.

That stuck in my mind I thought okay let me dig a little bit further into it now before I continue there back in the early part of 2017 when bitcoin was just 700 there was a gentleman by the name of Tim Draper who’s a large venture capitalist he called ten thousand dollars in 2017 for and he was he went on he went live on tv saying listen this bitcoin thing is going to go to ten thousand dollars this year.

People thought he was absolutely nuts. He was half wrong because bitcoin actually went to $20,000 that year okay so that made me go okay so this is a bit of an important guy then I read that Tezos was the only at that time the only other cryptocurrency that he had ever mentioned or spoke about or wanted to be linked to other than bitcoin.

So that made me go okay so Tezo’s they trying to fix a problem it was Ethereum’s massive issue. One of the other issues that Ethereum faces today is the price of the fees to send and receive coins on the network is currently heavy and you know what what what else is good about it I had a look at who was behind the project I realized that Tim Draper had spoken highly of them so I decided yes okay I would go forward.

I read their white paper I understood it understood their vision I knew exactly what they were trying to do and I invested into that ICO I bought coins at 40 cents today it’s three dollars odd okay that is how it’s done.

It’s not wishing, you know you’ve got to do the work folks this otherwise all you’re doing is gambling and I don’t want you to gamble. I would rather you take the time and research where your money’s going.

Wayne: That’s that’s massive mate if anyone is thinking that’s massive advice okay so when we talk about pairs all right?

Paul: Okay, we’re talking one asset versus another and that it could be the dollar versus well anything really I mean right across the board without looking at cryptocurrencies trading would be anything from trading like on forex yeah you’d have us dollar versus the Canadian dollar or the South African rand versus the great British pound those are pairs.

When we talk about pairs on the stock exchange it could be the US dollar versus Tesla stock that’s a pair. In cryptocurrency circles like bitcoin versus Ethereum would be a trading pair the US dollar versus bitcoin would be a trading pair Tezos versus Binance coin. that’s a trading pair.

How trading works is it’s almost like bidding like on an auction okay where the idea is to bid on a cryptocurrency that you want to try and buy at a lower price and then as soon as you get it to try and sell it at a higher price.

The markets move so like there’s all this volatility and the idea is to try and find a wave or a pattern where something is about to come down and you wait for it to come down and as soon as it comes down you try and pinpoint an entry point where you wish to buy and then when it goes when it climbs against that’s counterpart it’s pair then you sell.

The beauty of it is there are so many cryptocurrency pairs right there’s so many that you’ll never be at a loss but like looking at different pairs so when people think trading bitcoin maybe they think while you’re just trading against the dollar.

That’s not true. There are so many different currency pairs on various exchanges that you can actually trade against I wouldn’t even know where to start telling you because you can trade bitcoin against almost everything you can trade the US dollar against almost everything.

You can trade Binance coin against almost anything on Binance is an exchange and you can trade Ethereum versus almost anything so you, if you can imagine that there are thousands and thousands and thousands of different currency pairs and the idea, is exactly the same buy low sell high.

You could invest long term buying a coin and selling when it’s high but the thing is nothing ever goes in a straight line in crypto it does this it goes up and down so along the way there’s this journey where we see it go up and down and up and down and every time that it goes up we sell every time it comes down.

So you might make 10% in a straight line but if you had to do this and buy every time at that buy and sell on another timer today you might make 60 percent so trading is a really really good way to make money with crypto.

Wayne: It is that simple now you’d think it’d be that easy you buy one and you sell on the other but you’ve got the fact there are all these different cryptocurrencies okay which kind of makes it a bit more hectic but also which Paul explained now you’ve got different trading platforms so that comes into it as well.

Paul: Different trading platforms often have different prices for these coins as well don’t they which makes it more the differences are I mean there are arbitrage opportunities that’s sort of another way to make money from crypto but it’s very similar to trading where you might have an exchange would be like the stock exchange but in crypto terms, there are so many different exchanges.

At Icoin Pro we just focus on the biggest ones that are the ones with the most volume. volume is really really important one of the things that we look at and we’ll teach you about that because you might get to where you want to sell the price might get to where you want to sell but if there’s no volume nobody’s buying then you’re going to lose your your your trade.

There are so many different exchanges right and they all got their own interfaces so you got, for example, Bitrix- the interface is a little bit difficult to use and it’s a bit archaic if you ask me you’ve got Poloniex which is probably a little bit more of an intuitive interface to use and then you’ve got Binance who are continuously updating they’re the biggest on the planet.

These are a little bit easier to use and they also use a lot of them use graphs from a website called tradingview , tradingview is a website that is used by traders regardless of what they trade they could be trading forex cryptocurrencies stocks commodities anything like that.

A lot of exchanges do pull information and they do use the charts from trading view. Binance does and it’s not it won’t take you too long to figure out and we actually show you how to figure out how to how to actually work everything and how to set up your graphs so I know that you’ve like seen every I’m sure everybody has seen like these blue wavy lines and you’ve got the like the red and the green candles.

I know that it might seem like it’s very difficult to figure out what these things are you know what when you break it down into small like into small bite-sized pieces it is so easy to understand and coupled together with that you can also overlay these things called technical indicators.

The technical indicators are like those blue wavy lines- all of that kind of thing give us an idea and this is where we start introducing people to the basics of what is known as technical analysis.

We use it in conjunction with Icoin Pro software and we only touch on very very basic stuff. We just introduce you to the real basics the easy-to-use ones and the ones that we’ve discovered actually work and we and we show you how to overlay them on top of your graphs and we’ll show you when to buy in when it looks like something.

We then use the same approach for when to sell when it does something else yeah so basically guys It will basically you look at the trade and gives you signals whether you should buy it or not. They’re not always accurate. But you’re looking for as high an accuracy as possible most of the time.

The ICoin Pro system and software, together with the training will teach you how to read the graphs how to do everything, and you couple those together then we actually feed you potential trades that’s what it does it gives you the potential traits and it’s up to you to actually then pull the trigger.

We are not licensed to trade on behalf of other people. Remember, do not ever trust anybody to trade for you so we teach you how to create that skill to make money on demand. When you master this you actually you’re actually mastering a skill that you can take anywhere in the world with you and make money on demand.

Some of the people that trade with us or trade using our system make a full-time living making doing this making money on demand some of them go oh okay I need some petrol money they do they do a few trades they cash it out and off they go.

There is a girl called Lee and a friend of hers called Lily and they joined Icoin Pro when we first launched and between the two of them they knew absolutely nothing about bitcoin they’d heard about it they wanted to learn a little bit more and Lee she approached her husband and she said listen I want to try this trading thing and I want to put like a hundred dollars into it now they used to do a pizza night once a week and she said she said to her husband I’ll tell you what if we can give up a couple of weeks of pizza nights so I’ve got the hundred dollars I want to give this trading thing a go.

She took that hundred dollars and in a space of about two years, she turned it into 115 000 now the last time I spoke to her was back in probably the beginning of last year the beginning of 2020 when she had surpassed 115 000 from then until now she’s probably made another hundred thousand dollars. Lily and Lee have traveled and they are like our poster kids for the company because of their success stories.

Wayne: Do you want to see the tools that these guys have put together these I’ll let you set up and explain the trade finder and about squeezes.

Paul: this is what we call the trade finder now the trade finder was something that we introduced to our training probably about three years ago about two and a half years ago now and this was a massive game-changer because like I said earlier this is a tool that’s driven completely by an AI and it automatically reads all those technical indicators the Bollinger bands and the mac Dand the rsi and so on and it spits out what we call these probabilities.

I mentioned earlier on something called a squeeze okay now that’s when the Bollinger bands are starting to come together we look at squeezes we look at anticipated dips this is where the ai anticipates that a coin is about a drop in price aha look at that folks right so I’m going to measure the top there top to bottom 1.63 versus here 1.06 percent so we can definitely see that it’s moving into a squeeze as well. So yes this software is very accurate.

Well, there are tools that show you different things awesome so you’ve got everything with this tool that shows you it does all the technical analysis for you you go in and decide whether you want to take the trade based on their training Paul that was brilliant the tools you’ve given us there that tool is amazing.

I’m going to show you once more how to get it guys including the tools okay for me it’s important you get them tools because they’ll help you know you can see the hope is going to be they take out all the confusions anything else you want to say Paul before we call it a day?

Paul: I just want to say thanks so much my voice is done I can’t speak anymore yeah joining us guys it’s been a real pleasure add me as a friend on Facebook I’m happy to answer any questions you know just anything that you throw my way I’m happy to to answer if you’re a member of Icoin Pro and yeah look forward to working with you guys look forward to answering your questions look forward to getting to know you. Wayne thanks so much for having me I appreciate it.

That was my interview with Paul and I am hoping that you will be able to see the inherent value in this. Hopefully, this post has helped clarify for you whether or not you should buy Icoin Pro for yourself. Thanks so much for joining us and we’ll see you in the next blog post!

Take Care!

Wayne Crowe